MILTON WRECK – a landmark of childhood.

Funded by Arts Council Grants for the Arts CONCRETE+CLAY was Beacon Bureau’s first project and proved to be a great success. For those of you who were unable come to the exhibition images can be found here:
This funding has also allowed me to work with Mark Segal of The Artist Agency to develop and establish a workable framework for Beacon Bureau in which my skills, knowledge and experience can be utilised by being:

  • PROACTIVE – To actively seek out and provide opportunities for me to collaborate with others whose interests are congruent with my own.
  • SPECULATIVE – To engage in speculative creative activity to ensure pertinent projects are under development.
  • SUPPORTIVE – To offer advice and support to artists and small arts organisations develop and achieve their artistic ambition.
    All this has now been to brought together here:

Have a good summer.

Best wishes

John Plowman

MARCH 2017

Beacon Bureau has been awarded Arts Council Grants for the Arts funding to develop Beacon Bureau as a framework for visual art projects led by and including artist John Plowman, either as independent ventures or collaborations with others. John Plowman will be working with Mark Segal, of The Artist Agency, who will provide advice and mentoring support to finalise a plan to enable Beacon Bureau’s long term sustainability. John Plowman will also collaborate with Roaming ROOM to curate the exhibition ‘Concrete+ Clay’ 6-29 April. An exhibition of work from a diverse age range of artists to create tangential connections between concrete and clay, geography and archaeology, past, present and future, real and imagined making these visible through sculpture, installation, drawing and film. Please go to the menu for further details.